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My Mission is to provoke healthy thought and discussion that add meaning and purpose in the lives of Christian singles.


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“I know both sides of the coin,” says Patrice Thomas Conwell when she thinks about being an older Christian single woman wanting to be married, then having the desire filled. “Once I changed my focus from getting a man to living a joyful life, I released myself to accept whichever side God had in store for me.”

And that’s the message Patti  ̶  as she’s known to family and friends  ̶  wants to impress on today’s Christian single. She openly shares her personal experiences navigating “singleness” through society’s put-ons and put-downs, in her book, Nobody Ever Told Me I Might Not Get Married: One Woman’s Journey To Acceptance. Her battles and triumphs reflect her desire to design her own “normal.”

But she didn’t stop there. From the book came Simply Single, a YouTube talk show that she hosts for Christian singles to discuss how they handle general life issues and those that pertain specifically to living by biblical principles.

“Singleness is a hot topic now,” Patti notes, pointing to the array of TV shows and books that deal with the topic. “But most of the messages are about what singles need to do to find or attract somebody. I want to help singles focus on being happy with life as it currently is, and being O.K. with accepting whatever God’s plans are for them.”


The Book

Turning 30 with no husband prospect in sight, one woman wondered how her life turned off the standard fairytale path. With no “knight in shining armor,” could there be a “happily ever after”? No one prepared her to answer that question; so she set out to find one.

     Nobody Ever Told Me I Might Not Get Married! is filled with personal stories and raw emotions. All reflect Patrice Thomas Conwell’s journey toward accepting the idea that she could remain single forever. Conwell examines the inward conflicts that ensue as she tries to balance feeling content in her reality and maintaining hope that one day her “Prince Charming” will come.

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The Show

“What do you Love and Hate About Being Single?” “Is Sex Only After Marriage Outdated?” “Can a Single Woman be Friends with a Married Man?” These topics and more you’ll find on YouTube’s Simply Single, a show where Christian singles discuss real life issues, no holds barred!

Uploaded every Tuesday evening at 7:00 CST starting in the fall, Simply Single uses a diverse cast of singles  ̶  diverse in age, race, religion, and reasons for being single. They share their battles and triumphs, and lessons learned in their journey of “singleness” with the added benefit of a trained counselor to provide tips for growth.

Join us each week at YouTube_logo_standard_whiteto see what we talk about next. In fact, go now so you can catch up!




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