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Patrice Thomas Conwell, “Patti” to family and good friends, recalls writing stories to overcome boredom while in the fourth grade. From that time on, sharing stories through writing that focuses on real life grew into a passion.

Conwell’s passion led to a chance to co-author two books: DeathDance with Clifford Harris and Yours, Truly: One Woman’s Conversation with God with Freddie Harris. She also served as a ghost writer for a third book. She’s written features for the Regional Voice and writes and edits Say Amen!, a newsmag of the Oakwood University Church.

While she moonlights as a writer, Conwell works as an associate professor in the Communication Department at Oakwood University. She facilitates the public relations curriculum, teaching all of the PR courses. She also advises CSM PR Agency, a student-run public relations firm.

Conwell resides in Huntsville, AL with her husband, Alton, and their son, Alton II (“Deuce”). She looks forward to using her life experiences to promote dialogue on issues that  many people face…


The Book

Turning 30 with no husband prospect in sight, one woman wondered how her life turned off the standard fairytale path. With no “knight in shining armor,” could there be a “happily ever after”? No one prepared her to answer that question; so she set out to find one.

Nobody Ever Told Me I Might Not Get Married! is filled with personal stories and raw emotions. All reflect Patrice Thomas Conwell’s journey toward accepting the idea that she could remain single forever. Conwell examines the inward conflicts that ensue as she tries to balance feeling content in her reality and maintaining hope that one day her “Prince Charming” will come.

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